Size guide

The most important factor when buying a ring is making sure you choose the right size. Our rings are usually available from size 46 up to 58. For any other size, contact us by email at and we will do what is necessary to comply with your request.

If you cannot measure your finger at a professional jeweler, you can use the following methods to find out your finger size. Measure the inside diameter of one of your rings. If you already have a ring in your size, you can measure the inside diameter of it and determine its size using the table of correspondence of sizes according to the diameter below.

Measure the circumference of your finger using a tape measure. Circle your finger. Note the measurement obtained at the point where the meter meets. If you don't have a tape measure, use a small strip of paper. Go around your finger, mark a line where the band meets and measure the length of the band until you mark the line with a ruler. Consult the ring size correspondence table according to the circumference of the attached finger.

Use our virtual ring sizer. Thanks to the Maïtia ring sizer, you can easily and quickly measure your finger circumference without risk of error. Print our real size ring sizer and place one of your rings on the ring sizer circles. The black line must appear completely inside the ring. The number inside the circle indicates your ring size. Attention, before printing your ring sizer, check that the scaling printing option is not activated. Print the ring sizer on an A4 sheet and check that the line at the top corresponds to the graduation indicated.