Maïtia is a Parisian jewelry brand. Its creator was trained in technical drawing and jewelry gouache at the Haute Ecole de la Joaillerie in Paris, rue du Louvre.


Our jewelry is handmade in France and Portugal. They are made in the purest jewelry tradition thanks to exceptional workshops. We use solid gold and silver, essential for any handcraft. They give quality and longevity to the parts produced.
We take particular care in the manufacture of our collections, which correspond to the highest standards of the profession.

  • All pieces are made of solid 18-karat gold or silver. We use recycled or ethical and fair trade gold and silver labeled RJC (Responsible Jewelery
    Council) whose members are committed to adhering to the RJC Code of Practice for
    diamonds, gold and platinum. This code deals with human rights, labor,
    environment, as well as mining practices and product information. The RJC
    is a member of ISEAL which is the global association of sustainability standards.

  • Talented gemologists provide our stones. Thanks to their know-how, they offer us quality gems. The diamonds are SCPK certified (Kimberley Process Certification Scheme). The Kimberley Process aims to prevent conflict diamonds from entering the international market. Definition adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations - the
    "conflict diamonds" are "rough diamonds used by rebel movements to
    fund their military activities, especially attempts to undermine or overthrow
    legitimate governments." (